It's Time to Wake Up


When do we first wake up? When do we first have this “You’ve been living in a dream world neo” moment? Life seems so real, the trivial things seem so important. The societal structures that we uphold and have upheld for generations seem so real, so rigid, so right. Dogma, religion, structure and form. These things are rooted in culture. What is culture you might ask? A collection of ideas? Common ways of thinking based on ethics and morals? What really are ethics and morals? Simply put, one might respond, they’re what’s right and wrong based on collective ideology. But that begs the question… What is right? What is wrong? What is collective ideology? The collective consensus about whether or not something is right or wrong I guess would be the answer. The collective consensus in Nazi Germany in 1943 was that Jewish people deserved to die. The collective ideology was that it was right to kill Jewish people. Was it? 

 The truth is that just because the majority think something, doesn’t mean it’s “right”. The majority in today’s modern, western society are unfortunately not very healthy both physically, mentally or spiritually. I don’t think very many of us would argue that. Rates of suicide and mental illness continue to rise everyday more than the last. Modern society is profoundly sick, unstable and in dire need of a reconnection to source. A connection to source without dogma, without doctrine, a connection to source solely based off one’s intuition and information received through connecting to higher levels of consciousness. This is a spiritual awakening, a red pill awakening, a real awakening from the matrix. And contrary to popular belief, it's not politically correct, it's not roses and butterflies. It will probably result in losing many friends and people close to you and feeling like a prisoner in a false world. It can really suck.

 The most “woke” activists in all actuality often seem to be the least awakened. The notion that we create our own reality can’t really be true if we’re blaming all of our problems on and spending our time being angry with everyone else, now can it? It’s a really unpopular opinion that the change we wish to see in the collective starts with ourselves. Self work is hard. Self work requires making changes and taking initiatives, putting ourselves outside of our comfort zones. Most people don’t want to do that, thus they pull out the victim card, band together to ostracize anybody who disagrees and dares make themselves the best version of them that they can be. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We know that we live in an insane world because this is exactly what we do. The stark division we see within politics, the inability to have a conversation amongst each other,  the ever increasing meanness, hatred and division among western society based on trivial things like race is exactly what those who control this matrix want. It’s fuel to them and fuel to the path of totalitarianism and tyranny. United we stand, separated we fall.   

 We have to rise above separation, we have to rise above division. Giving our attention to the media, the politicians and authoritarian elites who run this show isn’t going to help our issues. Our own intuition deserves our attention more now than ever. We need to be turning OFF the news and turning ON meditations. We don’t need people to do the thinking for us, we are incredibly wise, incredibly powerful multi-dimensional beings having a human experience who are more than capable of thinking for ourselves. Many of us have forgotten this. School and the education system don’t teach us to think for ourselves. They teach us how we can be good, obedient servants to the matrix. They teach us how we can be cogs in machines. With that we become more and more dependent, more and more stunted, more and more fearful. We forget our childhood dreams and doubt ourselves as to what we can achieve. We’re told we’re not good enough, not smart enough and we believe it. This sounds sad, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The second we listen to our intuition and our gut that tells us something is “pretty fucking stupid” instead of ignoring it, and letting ourselves be walked over, we need to own it! We need to speak up and say “this is pretty fucking stupid”! From an early age, we’re slaves to “authority”. The “teachers” and grown ups of the world know better than us. Even though all the information we've been fed by these "authority" figures is simply regurgitated down to them from one generation to the next, its right! Thus we need to listen to them, shut up and obey! Our children are the only people on this planet whose minds are not corrupted with dogma and ideology (not yet at least) yet we treat them like imbeciles, like we have everything figured out and thus pass our dysfunctional, ideological garbage to them for the cycle to continue. The problem is, who wants to be that person to speak up? Who wants to be that person to call out some stupid shit? Most of us don’t want to be that person. Most of us would rather be sheep and let the cycle of insanity (doing the same thing and expecting different results) continue over and over instead of calling it out. George Carlin had it right. 

 The point of awakening is truly the point where we’ve had enough of the bullshit. There's a reason why people don’t have spiritual awakenings in times of comfort and when everything is going your way. There’s a reason people say “religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell while spirituality is for those who have been there” but the reward is liberation. It's liberation from ego, from societal standards and structures, its truly being awake and free from all that bullshit. It just leaves us with one question. Are we ready to put in that work? Are we ready to stop caring? Are we ready to see reality for what it is?