Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles
Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles
Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles
Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles
Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles
Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles

Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles

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Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles are an amazing healing tool. They integrate the miraculous healing energy of crystals into our bodies. These bottles work on a molecular and vibration level. The properties of the crystal are transferred to the water, which becomes energy-charged and has the power to stimulate and soothe our mind, body, and soul. 

The Crystal Point Healing Water Bottles improve spiritual well-being as well as generate a positive state of mind conducive to meaningful living. They have a positive effect on our physical health as well. They foster tranquility, support healthy and radiant skin. The two variations that we offer are Amethyst and Rose Quartz, each with its own unique metaphysical properties. 

Metaphysical Properties of Amethyst:

-Amethyst acts as a natural tranquilizer as it is very effective in soothing stress, strain, and irritability.

-It is very powerful in eliminating anxiety and fear as well as built-up anger.

-Amethyst can be particularly helpful when used in connecting you to your spirit guides as well as protecting you from spiritual attacks.

-Amethyst works directly to alleviate any blockages within the crown chakra. 


Metaphysical Properties of Rose Quartz:

-Rose Quartz works directly on the heart chakra. 

-It opens the heart to love, deep inner healing, and finding comfort and gratitude during difficult times. 

-This is the perfect stone for assisting in shadow work and emotional healing. 


*Are Crystal Bottles Safe? 

-Yes, while drinking water infused with certain stones such as fluorite for example can be toxic, Amethyst and Rose Quartz are not and are very healing! 


Customer Reviews

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Dan Thunman
Great Waterbottle!

Fast Delivery and High Quality. The Best Waterbottle I've had!

Lyric Kunde

Delivery in less than a week from placing order!!! Product looks great :)

Elroy Heidenreich

Looks as pictured. It will be a gift for my MIL so I haven't tried the bottle personally. Not sure how easy the crystal component will be to clean, but looks nice. It came with a black wetsuit like sleeve to protect the glass which was a bonus.

Junior Welch

Love it looks cool but crystal not as purple as in the picture . love it regardless

Christiana Schneider

erg tevreden met het product. de steen ziet er echt uit. de kwaliteit is hoger dan verwacht. De fles kwam snel aan. Word geleverd met de steen, de glazen fles en een hoes. Dank u voor deze geweldige fles! Drink good without aftertaste. Very convenient, with a good cover. Better than expected!